Our Story

At Do'ssage Massage & Bodywork,  we are here to facilitate the healing of soft tissue injuries and focus on serving your needs with the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Come and escape the outer world with us in this unique and unforgettable "get away" experience.  

We are a team of licensed professionals who offer a personalized, holistic and proactive approach to healthcare.

We partner with families to empower them to take ownership of their health, overcome anxiety, and move from where they are to where they want to be in their body, health, and life. We also work with women and men who are ready to reclaim their health from autoimmune disease, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and other chronic conditions.

Our work is different because we listen. We listen to what you need and more importantly, we listen to who you are. We customize our work together according to what fits best in your life to meet your goals and reclaim your health.

We provide services in our lovely centrally located offices in New Jersey and Texas, as well as mobile services in your home, office, or hospital room.

Pillars of Wellness


Our team supports our clients in owning their health and well-being through six pillars of wellness:

  • Rest

  • Boundaries

  • Nourishment

  • Movement

  • Mindfulness

  • Environment