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Sophia is a natural when it comes to giving massages. As a child, she loved giving her mom back massages. Now years later, she has a professional career in massage therapy and holds a certification in manual lymphatic therapy.  Sophia  believes that getting a massage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity because massage is therapeutic and has plenty of  health benefits. She helps people reduce stress, anxiety, pain, elevate moods, improving circulation and much more!! Do’ssage Massage and Bodywork, LLC is a wellness center to help individuals rejuvenate their mind, body, soul and overall well-being. 

Our Team

Our team of Licensed Massage Therapists and Consultants are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of modalities including bodywork for pain and stress relief, palliative and hospice massage and sports and recovery massage.

Our team has specialized training in an emerging paradigm in healthcare focused on you. We are deeply committed to providing a safe partnership with you in your holistic health and wellbeing. We see you as a whole person, not a disease or a problem to be fixed. We honor your unique story and needs and we listen more than we speak.  Using a holistic approach that includes mindfulness practices, nutrition, and movement, we guide you in reaching your health goals and reclaiming your health.


Sophia Dossous, owner of Do’ssage Massage & Bodywork, LLC, is a veteran nurse of 10 years. She holds a BA in Psychology from Caldwell University and an AS in Social science from Essex County College.  She studied nursing at Universal Training Institute. Sophia earned her Massage Therapy Certification from ACE Healthcare Training Institute. Shortly after, her professional massage therapy career began. 

Sophia has a humble and giving spirit and has a calling to serve. She currently works with a number of nonprofits that are near and dear to her heart; one of them being the Loving Arms Foundation . She has also been working with NJ4HAITI since 2010 after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Sophia is very passionate about missions trips and plans to participate in more in the near future.


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